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Hey, I’m josh

Nice to meet you. If you’re wondering who’s behind the camera, you came to the right place. To sum myself up in an “about me” section is nearly impossible, but here are a few things you must know.

I started photography from a young age being intrigued with a whole new concept on viewing my environment.

Being behind the lens had enabled me to perceive my environment in ways that i hadn't been aware of before.


This inquisitive child like vision

led me to

constantly see the world in it's raw beauty.

with a pure intention of creating history.


'look for the moments in between the moments' 

Capturing a moment in time; becomes timeless

i often think of how can i translate a message without words, in a way which resonates with the recipient.

Whether it be a timeless celebration such as your wedding day or a priceless family moment.


 I specialise in my documentary style of work.

Both photography & videography

which is non invasive and captures the beauty in the unforeseen moment.


this is the


my eye for detail is what enables me to

converse without conversation.


"The eye should learn to listen before it looks"

- Robert Frank

the proudest moment of my business so far has been offering my services

in exchange

for A simple smile.


a smile speaks a thousand words;

what i capture remains infinite


“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.”
— Susan Sontag

i hope to work with you on creating your vision.

please feel free to contact me with your ideas.



                             your idea

                  our experience.


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